Sonic Pi 3 worldwide premiere release party

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Date(s) - 29/06/2017
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm



We are seismically thrilled to have Dr Sam Aaron over from the Cambridge University Computer Lab. For the first time ever, anywhere – that is a premiere – the inventor of Sonic Pi will present version 3 of his Live Coding Music Synth.

And he will do that in his singular way. Sharp, witty and with a showcase of sounds encompassing classic ambient, proto and post techno, IDM for non-dummies, evergreen electro, urban jungle and pastoral base. Our very own Dago Sondervan and his graphics wingman Kasper Jordaens will join Sam as H.Al.I.C. , with their very own live-coding set. The event will be streamed for the planet to rejoice.

This evening is just a small demonstration of what Sonic Pi is capable of. The open-source software has found its way to the International Space Station and to the Africa-cruising Codebus, is put to use in classrooms around the world, and will keep on charming professionals and amateurs with its hands-on-creativity. A perfect springboard into the big blue sea of coding. Sam Aaron will take it from there (to eternity).

Take-off: 29th of June, from 19.00 till 24.00, at Hackûh – a Space beneath a Station.

A TedX Talk of Sam Aaron about Sonic Pi :

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