Expo “Horizon Zero” Van Malleghem/de Montremy/Sondervan


Our first event at HackûH is a joint adventure with awarded photographer Sébastien Van Malleghem, social media wizard François de Montremy and algorithm raver Dagobert Sondervan. A cross-feed of audiovisual animation and live coding inspired by a post-apocalyptic video game. Now dare to call us fake media.

The video game industry isn’t playing around. Last year its global revenue exceeded 100 billion dollars. Around 50 million dollars were made in Belgium, where almost half of the population calls itself a player, the majority between the ages of 25 and 45.
Recently Playstation and Guerrilla Game released HZD (Horizon Zero Dawn), a post-apocalyptic game that sees the human race nearly wiped out and pushed back into a prehistoric age, hunted down by machines. The player-survivor can develop himself in a wilderniss full of challenges.
Robot animals reflect the new technologies created by the American army’s DARPA-institute (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and Boston Dynamics.
The artistic direction brings you to places referring Yosemite National Park and the high mountains of Tibet and Tanzania, mixed with glimpses of war zones, cults and religions, and traces from local anthropology.
A quite precise camera mode enables participants to walk around
the scenes adjusting sharpness and measuring the light in order to photograph what he or she wants, in total freedom.
This isn’t new. The industry is expecting to see more and more people get connected. Today video games can rely on bigger budgets than Hollywood movies. Questioning our relation to reality and virtuality, they are the chosen platform to present visions of the future.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170304113746

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302130737

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170304114217

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170304112704

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170304112305

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170304111437

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303201041

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303193505

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303193429

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303193255

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303193041

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303184728

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303184414

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303144259

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303132442

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303132239

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303123819

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302222412

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302215853

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302215321

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302215228

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302192847

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302182742

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302182058

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302181141

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302174503

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302173245

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302171643

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302170314

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170302164109

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